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How to Shim a Door

Doors  are Opened , Closed, Slammed, Banged, Bumped, Kicked, Rammed and Jammed ! 

Things are bound to get a little off-centered from all of THAT action and eventually they will start
sagging and dragging.

MOST times shimming is all it takes to set things STRAIGHT.

What is shimming ?

 Shimming is just
throwing of gaps or shifting them from one location to another.

will PUSH or PULL the door depending on
where you place the shim.

They're ONLY 1/16 " THICK . 

Just PEEL & STICK !!

Did you know....
The National Fire Protection Agency requires the use
 of steel shims when shimming Fire Rated Doors.

See NFPA 80...Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. (Section

This means...matchbook covers, coffee stirrers, cardboard,
wood strips, chewing tobacco, etc...
ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE  when shimming fire assemblies.

READY SHIMS provides a SYSTEMATIC method to shim doors


How to Attach a Closer Arm to a THIN METAL Frame THAT has NO Reinforcement.

Use The JustDoorToolz Closer Arm Support Plate.

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